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 ONE UPON A TIME lived a girl with hair as black as ebony and skin as golden as the beach she loved to play on. Her parents didn’t have much, but they taught her to stand up for what she believed in. Across the sea, lived a handsome prince with hair like fire and freckles like the stars. His royal childhood was privileged, but it was tragic.

     When Meredith and Prince Leopold finally meet, they fall madly in love. They are married in a ceremony watched by millions – and for a brief moment – progress, tolerance, and romance reign supreme.

     But life is no fairytale. Is it possible to be a feminist and a princess?  Leo’s family can be tricky, royal protocol is hard to navigate, and casual racism runs rampant through it all. Within the confines of the palace, Princess Meredith begins to wonder if her dreams of changing the world can happen within such an archaic institution. How can she speak out against injustice when royal neutrality constantly forbids it?

    Then the Queen dies. NATO disbands. The US president demands a third term. In this increasingly dystopian world, what if the UK is forced to become the 51st state? What if the British royal family becomes America’s royal family? And what if that feisty American princess runs for president and wins?

 ROYAL RESISTANCE brings us a rip-roaring tale of class, gender, race, and monarchy’s place in the 21st century.  And shows that happily-ever-after is possible – not just for a girl and her prince, but for all of us.



“Imagine a world where ‘princess power’ becomes political reality... A Rodham for all royal fans.”   – Devorah Blachor, author of The Feminist’s Guide to Raising a Little Princess


“Witty and brilliantly crafted…proof that the future is female!” –Jane Finette, author of Unlocked: How Empowered Women Empower Women


“A tantalizing alternative history… pure catnip for lovers of all things royal!” – Nadine Jolie Courtney, author of Romancing the Throne



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