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In Defense of the Princess

It’s no secret that most girls, at some point, love all things princess: the poofy dresses, the plastic tiaras, the color pink. Even grown-up women can’t get enough of royal weddings and royal gossip. Yet critics claim the princess dream sets little girls up to be weak and submissive, and allows grown women to indulge in fantasies of rescue rather than hard work and self-reliance.

Enter Jerramy Fine – an unabashed feminist who is proud of her lifelong princess obsession and more than happy to defend it.  Through her amusing life story and in-depth research, Fine makes it clear that feminine doesn’t mean weak, pink doesn’t mean inferior, and girliness is not incompatible with ambition. From 9th century Cinderella to modern-day Frozen, from Princess Diana to Kate Middleton, from Wonder Woman to Princess Leia, Fine valiantly assures us that princesses have always been about power, not passivity. And those who love them can still be confident, intelligent women. 

    Provocative, insightful, but also witty and personal, In Defense of the Princess empowers girls, women, and parents to dream of happily ever after without any guilt or shame.

Someday My Prince Will Come

Jerramy wants to be a princess. At age 6, she announces she is going to meet and marry the Queen of England’s grandson and even as she gets older, not once does she change her mind! But growing up with hippie parents in the middle of a farm town makes finding her prince a bigger challenge than Jerramy ever bargained for. How can she prepare to lead a royal life when she’s surrounded by nothing but tofu and tractors?

Jerramy spends her childhood writing love-letters to Buckingham Palace and when her sense of destiny finally brings her to London, she dives into a whirlwind of society parties in search of her royal soulmate. She drinks way too many martinis and kisses far too many Hugh Grant look-a-likes, but life in England is not the Disney fairytale she hoped it would be. Her flatmates are lunatics, London is expensive, and British boys (despite their cute accents) are infuriating. Sure, she’s rubbing shoulders with Princess Anne, Earl Spencer and the Duchess of York – but will she ever meet her prince?                                           

The Regal Rules for Girls



How to find love, a life - and maybe even a lord - in London.

Do you dream of moving to England, falling in love with a handsome British nobleman, and living happily ever after in his ancestral castle? Time to stop dreaming and make that dream come true! We can’t all go to college with Prince William and eventually marry the future King of England, but there are other ways to turn your dream into a reality. If you follow The Regal Rules, you’ll learn not only how you can move to London—but how to dress like Kate Middleton, where to party with Prince Harry, and how to behave at Royal Ascot. Discover the secrets of polo and cricket, find out if you should don a hat or fascinator, and if you should eat your scones with jam or cream.

With essential English etiquette, the do’s and don’ts of the British “Season,” advice about UK immigration, hilarious yet very real parables and lists of the best clubs, pubs, and sporting events to meet eligible Englishmen - this glamorous, must-have manual is required reading for any girl who wants to cross the pond in style.

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Bright Young Royals:

Your Guide to the Next Generation of Bluebloods

Who they are...
Where to find them...
How to win their hearts…


More than ever before, nightclubs and ski slopes are teeming with a new generation of hip young royals – many of them single and looking for love. 
Packed with full-color photographs and page after page of gorgeous profiles, Bright Young Royals is your glamorous must-have guide to the smartest, best-looking crowd the world’s monarchies have ever produced. Find out where they work, where they play and if you have what it takes to win their royal hearts. Read on to discover who’s who of the young and titled—and see for yourself why these bluebloods are so red-hot.

Not for Percy

My first children's book! (Because when I'm not thinking about princesses, I'm thinking about puppies.)


Percy is one very hungry puppy. Everything he sees looks so delicious! He wants to eat it all -- but his human parents tell him that he can't. So frustrating! Why are so many things "not for Percy"? With beautiful, hand-painted illustrations, this book is a must-have for all children and dog-lovers.

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