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In Defense of the Princess "serves as a reminder that feminism should provide women with the freedom to be anything they want—including princesses. Parents on all sides of the princess debate will find food for thought in this entertaining and provocative book."

"Jerramy’s eccentric mission may sound at best odd and, at worst, completely nuts, but it's almost impossible not to root for the unlikely heroine.... in this riproaring adventure through today's British upper classes." ~ "So You Want to be a Princess?" New York Daily News

"Fine's writing is pithy and funny… a fresh twist on the tired tales of offbeat girls in search of their dream." ~ USA Today

Jerramy Fine doesn't need a prince to corner the market on charming. Someday My Prince Will Come is a real-life fairy tale with twists and delights on every page. Tuck it in your beach bag... right next to your tiara." 

- Jen Lancaster, author of Bitter is the New Black

“Jerramy Fine is almost too good to be true: a beautiful, intelligent American girl who thinks there's something attractive and romantic about Upper Class Englishmen. It's heartwarming to know there are still people out there who think of England as a fairytale kingdom." ~ Toby Young, author of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

“Inspires readers to believe and go after the impossible, while still trusting in happily ever after.”

~Hampton’s Social Life Magazine

"Fine’s is a charming and humorous story….  showing that the strength of one's conviction can be the strongest predictor of one's fate."

“Fine's wry, self-deprecating storytelling style make this tale of a gutsy girl with New Age roots worth a read—especially to understand the power of persistence. What could have been a sob story with tired chick-lit overtones is elevated by Fine's humor and charm.”

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